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Whatever your skill & creative need, Local Creatives has something on offer for you!

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Local Creatives mission is to make art education and creative activities more enriching and accessible for all. Noticing a lack of opportunities to learn art beyond the conventional class room, Local Creatives was born. 


Local Creatives proudly works with leading multinational companies, universities and individuals, in the delivery of leisure based art education. All our sessions are delivered by professional Artists.

Local Creatives is renowned for its leisure-based art courses for adults. These carefully crafted courses balance education with immersive fun and put technique and practical skills at the forefront. These courses benefit from small group sizes making for a friendly and focused learning experience. 

In light of the pandemic and how this has changed office culture, Local Creatives is spearheading an initiative of creative wellness sessions. Local Creatives proudly works with companies to provide their employees with creative art sessions both online and in person with the aim of bringing colleagues and business teams together.

In response to the challenges faced by Universities and SU’S as a result of the pandemic, Local Creatives also provides specialist live-stream art sessions and pre-recorded content. Since 2020 Local Creatives has proudly provided art-based video content for some of the biggest universities in the U.K. including Royal Holloway, The University of Sussex and The University of Birmingham to name a few.


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